Two Muslims shot dead in an alleged American Terrorist Attack



The one named “Oscar Morel, 35 has been arrested in New York for his involvement in this terrorist attack”. American government hasn’t called this attack as terrorist attack and believe the attack was religiously motivated, even though both the victims were wearing Islamic robes during the attack. The victims were also carrying around $1000 cash but the attacker didn’t steal the money. The CCTV footage has revealed, this is a cold blooded terrorist attack.

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A Muslim cleric and his associate has been shot down at a close range in an alleged American terrorist attack in Queens, New York. Several local sources have claimed that the rise of Islamophobia in United State due to anti-Muslim hate campaign by Donald Trump has lead to this terrorist attack.

American police and media doesn’t refer any attack perpetuated by non-Muslims as “terrorist attack”. When an attack is perpetuated by a non-Muslim, it’s referred as “hate crime”, whereas if it’s perpetuated by a Muslim, the US media and police will do everything possible to link it with terrorism.

The victims of this terror attack, Imam Maulama Akonjee, 55, and Thara Uddin, 64 were wearing Islamic attire during the time of shooting. Imam Akonjee had moved to US about two years back from Bangladesh. Both the victims were returning from Al-Furqan Jame mosque, a mosque most frequented by Bangladeshi community in Ozone park, New York.

 (Image Credits: CBS New York)