The Mecca Post is a start-up focused on delivering news without political influence or pressure to global audience. Our aim is to revive journalism by giving power to our journalists and contributors to report without any fear or prejudice. We publish news, opinions and analysis that is relevant for global audience.

Vision: Deliver Unfiltered News, Thoughtful Opinions and Critical Analysis to Global Audience.

Journalists, while taught to be not opinionated, tend to become opinionated and ideologically indoctrinated with time. This means, the news that you get is always with the degree of opinion of the journalist. So, how can the readers get an unbiased news? The only way to arrive at the unbiased version of news is, when we allow multiple journalists to look at a situation and report on it. Each journalist can have his/her own take on the subject. The reader can then form his/her own opinion based on the multiple articles on the same subject. The news platform and the editorial team must let each journalist have his/her take on the situation and let the story take it’s own form.