Advertise With Us’s primary audience is Muslim Youth from Middle-East, US, India and South East Asia. We invite Brands who are looking to connect with this one billion+ audience to consider advertising with us.

Unlike the banner and pay-per-click advertising models offered by the various digital portals, we at offer a different kind of advertising model. Our advertising model referred “Sponsor a Category”, allows brands to sponsor articles per category. The brands has an option to choose the category, they want to sponsor articles, whereas reserves the editorial rights over the articles. For example, say, your brand decides to sponsor 50 articles for the “Business->Startups” category, then 50 articles appearing in “Business-Startup” category will have your Brand Image, with a statement about your sponsorship.

How does this new business model help the brands?

  1. Intimate Connect with the Audiences: Audience will not perceive your brand as an advertiser but rather an enabler, who helped financially to publish articles in a category.
  2. Infinite Lifetime: When you sponsor ‘X’ number of articles per category, the articles that got published will have details about your brand. These details will remain forever unlike Banner/Side ads, which only remain for a specific duration.

Currently, we are accepting sponsorships for the following categories

  1. Business
    1. Finance
    2. Start-Ups
  2. Science and Technology
    1. Pure Sciences
    2. Earth Sciences & Climate Change
    3. Technology Developments
  3. Sports
  4. Health and Fitness

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