Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters have liberated Manbij from Islamic State after 2 months of fight. SDF is backed by US military and over 680 airstrikes were done on Islamic State in Manbij alone to liberate the territory. US air strikes have destroyed 680 Islamic State fighting positions including 150 vehicles. Without US airstrikes, this decisive victory for SDF wouldn’t have been possible.

Earlier, several media sources have claimed that, Islamic State has held over 2000 civilians as human shields, however as per  UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) all the civilians have been freed by Islamic State. The Remaining Islamic State fighters have left in nearly 500 cars to the town of Jarablus.

Overall, the fight at Manbij has claimed over 1700 lives, majority of whom were killed in US airstrikes.

Celebrations in Manbij

As per the local sources, there is a mood of celebration among the residents of Manbij post liberation from Islamic State. Majority of the media outlets have posted news about women burning down the burkhas and men shaving off their beards. Àl-Jazeera has reported “Scenes of jubilation could be seen in many neighbourhoods of the city over the weekend, with men clipping their beards, women lifting their veils and people smoking in public”.