If Trump gets elected as a president, there is a possibility that coup can occur in United States of America. But there is also an even stronger possibility of American armed forces doing large scale genocides across the world upon orders from Donald Trump.

Trump’s Offensive against American Army & Veterans: 

Throughout the election campaign, Donald Trump has made several offensive remarks against American Army and veterans, including severely offending the Gold Star mother. This behaviour of Donald Trump will continue if gets elected as Commander-in-Chief of American Army and it’s likely to have devastating consequences. The American Army might refuse to take orders from Donald Trump resulting in ultimate show-down between him and Army generals. General Michael Hayden, an ex-CIA Director expressed concerns that, American military might refuse to follow orders given by Trump.

There is an increasing sentiment among American armed forces that, Donald Trump is not the right person for the role of Commander-in-Chief of Armed forces. In his election campaign, Trump has following to say to offend armed forces:

  • Donald Trump on John McCain “He is not a war hero. He’s war hero because he was captured. I like people who aren’t captured”.  John McCain, a naval aviator was held in captivity for five years during Vietnam war. So, according to Donald Trump, if an American soldier(s) is captured by the enemy, he/she won’t be an American hero anymore. Would the American soldiers go to war, knowing that, if they are caught, Donald Trump would not come to their help and their families would be disrespected?
  • Donald Trump offended the Ghazala Khan, the mother of fallen U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, stating “If you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say. She probably, maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say”, indirectly stating that, women in Islam aren’t allowed to talk. The truth is, Donald Trump himself didn’t allow his own wife Melania Trump to speak up her mind and made her read a plagiarised speech from a teleprompter. In case of Ghazala Khan, she was overwhelmed by the pain about her son’s death and couldn’t control her emotions to address the gathering. Her silence and pain in the eyes said more words to not just US but to entire world.

Donald Trump has also offended several other army veterans and military officers who have criticised him on public policy and national security. If the Trump’s offensive continues against armed forces, there is a strong possibility that, armed forces will start disobeying him and eventually can lead to coup in US.

American Army Going Rogue Under Trump and Committing Genocides 

American army has the reputation of committing the most heinous crimes across the world, although they put up a very innocent and heroic face before the people of America. For years, American army has done the dirty work by committing war crimes without ever questioning the American Presidents. Iraq war was fought under the pretext of weapons of mass destruction and army was probably the first organisation that got to know that the entire drama of weapons of mass destruction was a lie, which resulted in deaths of thousands of Iraqi citizens. Yet, American army did not revolt against the government and continued to commit crimes such as torture and sexual abuse of prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison. American army is also notorious in running extreme torture programs at Guantanamo Prison.

American army continues to run mass killing programs such as Drone attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya and Pakistan. So, it won’t be far stretching to say that, American army has been party to committing war crimes without questioning the respective governments. While, the junior soldiers in the US army might be risking their lives to fight for their country but the officers higher up the ladder are fully aware that, they are nothing but the mercenaries for the American Government to get the dirty work done.

If the Trump gets elected as President of US, the American army can go fully rogue and start committing genocides across the world for private returns. Trump, in his narcissistic pursuit of being known as a tough leader would allow the army to commit such atrocities.

Articles in US Media about possibility of Coup 

Already few articles have been written in US media about the possibility of coup in US if Donald Trump gets elected. These voices are going to be even larger with time.