Park Geun-hye, the nation’s first female president and South Korea’s 11th president was ousted by south korean constitutional court. Though Ms. Park was suspended in December after a legislative impeachment vote, final decision on terminating her from presidency was declared today.

Ms Park, aged 65 is the daughter of the Cold War military dictator Park Chung-hee who was assassinated in 1979 during a dinner at a Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) by Korean CIA director, Kim Jae-kyu. Ms. Park was removed without any violence, after large, peaceful protests by hundreds of thousands of South Koreans in recent months demanding her to step down. She was the first democratically elected leader to be removed from office since democracy came in the country.

Ms park was pleaded guilty of breaking the law by sharing state affairs and confident documents with her friend and confidant Choi Soon-Sil. Ms choi extorted money and favours from big companies like Samsung and many other organisations. The prosecutors have alleged Ms.Park favoured her friend in this extortion.

Justice Lee said, Ms. Park’s actions, “betrayed the trust of the people and were of the kind that cannot be tolerated for the sake of protecting the Constitution,”

A probe was set by the country’s top court and Ms Park was prosecuted on several charges before finally ruling her dismissal as president of the country.

South Koreans opposed to President Park’s rally near the constitutional court in Seoul on Thursday. On Friday, she was ousted from office. Meanwhile the stock markets stayed pretty stable after the downfall of the president.

Immediately after the president was declared accused, some Pro-Park protesters were getting violent, protesters were reported hitting the journalists and police. The protests in south korea killed at least 2 people.  Thousands of protesters organized pro-Park Geun-hye rallies at Seoul Plaza on March 1st 2017.

This impeachment is creating new opportunities for north korea. While North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-Un is observing carefully rather than engaging in open aggression in violation of international restrictions, its current behavior does not indicate that North Korea has become less of a threat or less dangerous. North Korea’s state media, which normally delays reporting international news, immediately reacted, calling Ms Park “a common criminal”.

South Korea’s biggest Ally the United states has begun rolling out a massive missile defence system to protect against north korean attacks. Now it depends on the new incoming president on how south korea will remain friends with the Trump government so they can get the much needed military support from the US.

There is a high possibility that North Korea’s military could make provocative acts. The South Korean military has already been instructed to remain vigilant against possible North Korean provocations.

China has strengthened their protest against executing the south korean (THAAD)  Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile system by implementing a fresh travel ban.

Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn has led the government as acting leader since Park’s impeachment and he will continue to do so until South Korea elects new president by May. Some media reports said Hwang might run for presidency as a conservative candidate. If that happens, he should resign to run and a deputy prime minister will serve as another interim leader.

Until south korea elects new president in next 2 months, Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn who has been leading the government will continue to be an acting leader.