When the whole world is celebrating the international women’s day, the organisers of women’s march have declared a general strike against President Trump and the social injustices that helped him rise to power and called upon women across the world to join them.

The women’s march website quoted: “In the same spirit of love and liberation that inspired the Women’s March, we join together in making March 8th A Day Without a Woman, recognizing the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socio-economic system–while receiving lower wages and experiencing greater inequities, vulnerability to discrimination, sexual harassment, and job insecurity.We must have the power to control our bodies and be free from gender norms, expectations and stereotypes. We must free ourselves and our society from the constant awarding of power, agency and resources disproportionately to masculinity, to the exclusion of others.”

This motion could be joined by anyone anywhere in the world on march 8th,in one of the following ways:

  1. Women take the day off, from paid and unpaid labor
  2. Avoid shopping for one day (with exceptions for small, women- and minority-owned businesses).
  3. Wear RED in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman

The strike began in the afternoon on the southeast corner of Central Park. A few hundred protesters marched across the town to the Trump International Hotel in New York City. The NYPD soon arrived and warned the protesters to keep away. NYPD arrested a group of Women’s March organizers outside of a Trump building for civil disobedience. March organizers Linda Sarsour, Bob Bland ,Carmen Perez, Tamika Mallory were all taken into custody. The women’s march Twitter account confirmed the arrest by posting a picture of the arrest.