Egyptian Courts have found no criminal evidence against Hosni Mubarak over his involvement in killing of 800+ protesters during 2011 uprising in Egypt. This means, Hosni Mubarak will walk free.

If Hosni Mubarak was not involved in killing of 800+ protesters during 2011 Uprising in Egypt, then who ordered the killing? Obviously, the killings didn’t happen on it’s own. The military carried it out upon the orders of someone.

The families of the victims have found no justice in the trail. They believe the killings were carried out upon instructions from Hosni Mubarak. The lawyers representing the victims have alleged that the entire verdict is politically motivated.

It appears that, both Egyptian Military and Hosni Mubarak are complicit in the killings. So, the Military Regime of Sisi is helping out Hosni Mubarak get a clean chit.