Islamic State has conducted deadly blasts at Sufi Shrine of Shah Noorani in Khuzdar district, some 760 km south of provincial capital Quetta, Pakistan. Locals were participating in the Sufi dance ritual called “dhamaal” when the blasts occurred. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks through their official news outlet AMAQ.

Local media has claimed that, suicide attack was carried out by a 14-year old boy. However this has not been confirmed by official agencies.

As a customary thing whenever such attacks happen in Pakistan, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif read a pre-written condemnation template. Since August, this is the third major bombing in Pakistan. Extremists continue to bomb without any sort of fear of retaliation from Pakistan Government and Military.

Islamic State has vowed to avenge all the offshoots of Islam including Sufism, whom Islamic State considers as apostates. Sufism is a mystical offshoot of Islam, which believes in worldly saints, dances and music. Sufism has millions of followers in Pakistan and India.