Trump’s team restores “Muslim Ban” on the Official Website


Donald Trump’s team have restored the statement regarding “Muslim Ban” on their official website. The statement was removed temporarily after Donald Trump got elected. It appeared as if, Donald Trump was changing his tune to reach out to people after getting elected as President. However, it appears not the case.

The temporary disappearance of “Muslim ban” statement received world-wide media coverage (including on MeccaPost), with some political analysts calling it as a positive move to be inclusive. However, it appears that the statement was temporarily down due to a technical glitch rather than an intentional removal from Donald & his team.

The statement can now be found at:

Several Muslim organisations felt a sign of relief and got false hope when the statement was temporarily down. While appearing on CNBC Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal appreciated Donald Trump for removing the statement about Muslim ban on his website. American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee issued a statement praising Donald Trump for removing Muslim ban from his official website.