Donald Trump has taken the world by storm and nations around the world are preparing for the collateral damage his presidency is going to cause to the world. Donald’s extremist ideology isn’t much different from Islamic State. After being cornered for more than a year and losing significant amount of territory, Islamic State was fighting for its survival. But it appears that, Donald Trump’s win has given them a new life and they are absolutely going nuts about it.

Not only they have got the new recruitment brand ambassador but also given them enough to be happy to see the downfall of United States. The next couple of months are going to be key. If the white supremacists and supporters of Donald Trump indulge in any physical attacks on American Muslims, it will help Islamic State in a big way. Islamic State recruiters would be anxiously awaiting for such attacks to happens, so that, they can recruit the oppressed. It’s not hard to predict that, there will be a cycle of attacks by both supports of Donald Trump and lone wolfs of Islamic State.

Washington Post and several other news outlets in United States have reported that, twitter handles sympathetic or affiliated to Islamic State and Al-Qaida have rejoiced the news of Donald Trump’s election.

Majority of the Muslims across the world hate Donald Trump for his Islamophobic comments. It remains to be see, how much Islamic State will be able to capitalise on this sentiment. For the moment, it appears that, Islamic State would be the biggest beneficiary of the Trump’s win.