Taliban has condemned India’s decision to supply more weapons to Afghanistan government. India has delivered 3 Mi-25 gunship helicopters to Afghanistan Government. Taliban’s spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid stated “Providing Kabul’s administration with deadly weapons cannot be interpreted as friendship with the people of our country but as support for a foreign-backed criminal group and clear hostility towards our people. The Islamic Emirate condemns this action with the strongest of terms. Such acts will create distrust between the people of both countries and become a reason for further deterioration of relationship.” 

Reports circulating in the media state that India will be providing military aid to the Kabul administration in form of aircraft and other equipment. This is the several time that India is giving the stooge Kabul administration military aid and it is an obvious fact that such weapons will be used to kill our people, oppress our nation and destroy our homes and public welfare structures, a good example of which is Puli Alchin bridge in Kunduz recently destroyed by regime helicopters that were provided by the Indian government,” Mujahid added.

Afghanistan’s Army Chief Qadam Shah Shaheen had visited India in August to discuss about the weapons and defence needs. India has reacted positively.

Under Narendra Modi’s leadership, India is making drastic changes to it’s foreign policies. India has recently supported Baloch freedom movement within Pakistan. However, the India’s weapons deal with Afghanistan’s government at a time when Afghanistan’s political leadership is facing severe corruption charges and increasingly losing support of the public has come as a surprise to many political analysts.

It remains to be seen, to what extent India would like to drag itself into Afghan war against Taliban.