When Donald Trump announced that he wants to secure GOP nomination for US Presidential elections, not many political analysts took his seriously. However, over the last few months, Donald Trump has proved all of them wrong by riding high on the wave of Islamophobia and anti-immigration. His years of experience working in reality TV is on clear display. He knows what majority of the Americans are expecting him to say and he is giving them those sound bites. And during the process, he has done irreversible damage to American politics.

While, Donald Trump might be doing all the drama to win the American elections, in reality, it appears that, the controlling stake is now with Islamic State, on whether to make him win the elections or not. Here, we present four key reasons why Islamic State is rooting for Donald Trump and most probably they might even help him win the elections.

Why Islamic State is rooting for Donald Trump? 

  • Reduces Recruitment Cost for Islamic State: Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric is already being used by Islamic State to recruit innocent Muslim youth to fight the Jihad and expand the caliphate to Islamic State. Donald Trump has featured in Islamic State’s advertisement. Trump’s call for banning Muslims from entering United States, while Americans continue to have army bases and install puppet regimes in Muslim countries builds a credible narrative for Islamic State to tap on.
  • Winning over Middle-Eastern Tribes: Donald Trump is a lose cannon and can easily offend the “Monarchies” and “Bedouins” of Middle-East. The White Supremacist line of thinking that Donald Trump openly exhibits will be in absolute conflict with the Bedouin dessert culture. Islamic State can win over the Bedouin leaders if they can show that Donald Trump and American influence has left them with no dignity.  Dr. Laura Nader book “Culture and Dignity: Dialogues Between the Middle East and the West” provides an excellent details on what culture and dignity means to Middle-Easterners and why any dialogue between Middle-East and West must incorporate the same.
  • Controlling Stake in Elections: Donald Trump has built his election campaign on an anti-Muslim narrative. He fully understands that, if Islamic State conducts a successful attack on American soil, his chances of winning would substantially increase. And Islamic State’s leadership is not immature to ignore this. So, effectively Islamic State now has the controlling power to decide who wins the American elections. Richard Clarke, a former White-House counter-terrorism adviser has written in NY Daily News that “Both Putin and ISIS control the timing of when they act to effect the election. There are people in both the Russian government and the terrorist group who understand the U.S. and our politics well. They know that a well-timed leak or terrorist incident, with just a few days left in the campaign, can temporarily swing enough votes to make the difference in a close campaign”. 
  • Eliminating the influence of Muslims scholars and leaders: Donald Trump’s constant anti-Muslim rhetoric is nullifying the attempts of Muslim scholars and leaders to reduce radicalisation of Muslim Youth. In last two years, Muslims scholars and leaders have worked extremely hard to reduce the influence of Islamic State. Now, with this kind of Trump’s rhetoric, they would find themselves in a difficult spot to convince Muslim youth from not getting radicalised by Islamic State. If the Donald Trump comes to power and decides to put in action what he has said, one would expect the Muslim scholars and leaders would raise their hands-up and proclaim “Donald Trump & Islamic State – You deal with this mess and it won’t be our responsibility anymore“. For Islamic State, this would be a big win, as this would eliminate the control that Muslim scholars and leaders have over Muslim youth.

Several Americans have spoken out on how Donald Trump is helping Islamic State. Some notable ones are: