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Islamic State has claimed responsibility of the bombing of Hazaras in Kabul.  80 people have been killed in the bombing and another 230 are severely injured.

“Two fighters from Islamic State detonated explosive belts at a gathering of Shi’ites in… the city of Kabul in Afghanistan”, a statement by Islamic State.

As per the local security agencies in Kabul, it appears that, suicide bombers pledge allegiance to Islamic State and independently carried out the attacks.

Islamic State has been trying to create a rift in Afghan population by attacking Shia population. The strategy appears to be, attack the Shia until they retaliate and attack the local Sunni population. Islamic will then use such attacks to recruit and win over support of Sunni population of Afghanistan.

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Senior News producer of BBC, Khalil Noori has tweeted that, Taliban has rejected involvement in the suicide attack.

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Lot of graphic images obtained from bomb blast are being posted on Twitter.  We are also observing messages, where people are complaining that, ambulances are unable to reach the stop as Government had installed barricades to stop the protesters.

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The Shia Hazara community were organising a peaceful protest in Kabul against the proposed power transmission line between Turkmenistan and Kabul. Hazaras are demanding the power transmission line to be routed through two provinces where large number of Hazaras reside.  The provinces where Hazaras reside do not have adequate electricity.  The Afghanistan government says that, such a re-routing of the transmission line would cost millions and significantly delay the project.

On Saturday, thousands of Hazaras had gathered in Kabul to protest.

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At least 50 people have been reported to have been killed in a suicide attack at a protest rally organised by the Hazara Community in Kabul on Saturday. Hazara’s are a minority community in Afghanistan. As per some reports, two blasts have occurred.