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The shooter has been identified as a Ali David Sonboly. David was born in Germany and as per local media, he was ‘undergoing treatment’.  In a heated conversation with a by-stander during the shooting, the David confessed that, he was being bullied and he hates foreigners.

Ironically, on July 22, 2011 the one named “Anders Behring Breivik”, a right-wing terrorist killed 76 people in Norway.  There is some speculation that, this attack might be a homage to Breivik.

CNN is the only channel that interviewed a witness that claimed that, killer shouted “Allahu Akbar” before going on rampage. German police have not confirmed this story.  The same witness hasn’t called or appeared on any other media channel. So other witness has corroborated to the claim that, gunman was shouting “Allahu Akbar” before killing people.

cnn                 (Screenshot of CNN.com, taken on 23th July)


——–02: 30, Munich ——-

What we know so far?

  • A gunman went rough in Munich, killing 9 people and then committing suicide.
  • 21 are injured, out of which 3 are in critical situation.
  • The gunman is a 18-year old, German nationality of Iranian origin. Currently the motives of the gunman are unclear.
  • German police has cautioned the media from speculation until proper investigation report comes out.
  • As per German police, the gunman neither had any past criminal record nor was on the terror radar.

Confirmation from German Police:

——–01: 40, Munich ——-

German police has tweeted this:

——–00: 50, Munich ——-

Here’s the summary of shootings in Munich:

  • An unidentified man went on shooting rampage in McDonald’s in Munich, killing 8 and injuring 10 people.
  • Police have found a body of the suspected shooter about 1 KM away from the shooting sight.
  • A German woman dialled in CNN claiming to be eye-witness and have claimed that, shooter shouted “Allah-u-Akbar” before shooting down children at McDonalds. The women identified herself as Muslim.
  • German police have not confirmed the identity of the shooter.

——–00: 40, Munich ——-

Here are some social media reactions to the Munich Shootings:

——–00: 30, Munich ——-

This is the latest tweet from German police. The police operations are still ongoing.

——–00: 10, Munich ——-

#Munich has been trending on Twitter since the shootings started. Now, there are two active groups on Twitter:

  • One group has assumed that shooter is Muslim, so that they can blame the religion of Islam. This group is also blaming the German Chancellor Angela Merkel for letting refugees in Germany.
  • The other group wants the shooting to stop. This group is currently praying for the victims and safely of the residents of Munich.

Which group do you belong?

——–00: 05, Munich ——-

As per the local media reports, police are now using a robot to inspect the body of the alleged shooter.

——–23: 50, Munich ——-

Quick recap of what we know so far:

  • German police have confirmed that 9 people are dead.
  • The alleged shooter might have committed suicide. German police is yet to confirm this.
  • As per a Muslim eye-witness who spoke on CNN, the shooter shouted “Allah-u-Akbar” before gunning down little children.
  • All the mosques in Munich will remain open tonight for any of those seeking refuge.
  • German police is now requesting people not to post the pictures of shooting or positions of police online.

——–23: 40, Munich ——-

As per the eye-witness on CNN, the shooter shouted “Allah-u-Akbar” before gunning down children at McDonald’s. Some German accounts are twitter are claiming the shooter to be a home-grown radicalised Muslim. So far, German Police or Authorities have not confirmed these reports.

——–23: 30, Munich ——-

Local media in Germany is now reporting that the 9th person found dead could be one of the shooters involved at McDonald’s.

——–23: 30, Munich ——-

  • The mosques in Munich will remain open tonight for those who are in need.

——–23: 25, Munich ——-

  • Death toll has increased to 9 now as per BBC report.

——–23: 20, Munich ——-

These are the live updates from the ongoing shooting at Munich. Initial reports have claimed that, it happens to be a terror attack.

What we know so far:

  • 8 people have been confirmed to have lost their lives in the attack.
  • First gunshots were fired at McDonald’s near Olympia Shopping Centre at around 5:52 PM.
  • People have been evacuated from the area including shopping centre.
  • There were reports of multiple shootings, however German police haven’t confirmed about it.
  • Currently German police is assuming that, this is a terror attack.