Canada has pledged $158 million as humanitarian aid to Iraq, along with the possibility of availing $200 million as loan to stabilise the economy.  This humanitarian aid will be used to settle the Iraqis who are severely affected in the war-torn regions.

While, several countries have pledged humanitarian aids to Iraq in last decade or so, but majority of the people in Iraq have complained about alarming levels of corruption in government agencies. For more details on Corruption on Iraq and how over $50 billion in aid has gone missing, check out this article:

Leaders of Yazidi Community have urged Canadian Government to grant asylum to their members. Yazidi community has been severely affected in the ongoing conflict between Islamic State and Coalition forces. As per several media reports, Islamic State has slaved thousands of Yazidi women and justified such an act under Sharia law. While, majority of the Islamic countries have condemned enslavement of Yazidi Community, none of them have come forward to purchase the Yazidi women from Islamic State in order to set them free. Such a gesture from an Islamic Country would have significantly reduced the torture faced by Yazidi community.

Previously, Germany has granted asylum to 1,100 Yazidi women and girls.