85 innocent people including several children and women were mercilessly killed in aerial bombing by Coalition forces in Manbij, Syria. As per UK based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 11 of those who were killed were children. Syrian Observatory also reported that, in another attack, 4 children, a lady and an old man were killed.

So far, there has been no condemnation of the attacks from any of the known world leaders. This is inline with the popular perception among the people in Middle-eastern countries that, the world doesn’t care about the deaths of innocent people in Middle-East, especially when they are Muslim but goes all out when similar deaths occurs in Europe or Americas. Such selective grieving is widening the gap between the people and leading to a world where there is no empathy when innocent blood is shed.

The Coalition forces so far have refrained from putting boots on the ground and relied on aerial strikes in both Iraq and Syria. This has resulted in massive casualties and significantly helped Islamic State recruit more fighters for their cause.